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With new COVID-19 funding packages, there's over $150 billion for state, local, and tribal governments on the line.

We know that due to the coronavirus pandemic, state, local, and tribal governments face more uncertainty and pressure than ever trying to navigate those funds and deliver aid to their communities as quickly as possible.

At eCivis, we want to be a resource that you can lean on during these difficult times. For us, that means helping ease the administrative burden of grant management so you can focus on the important things–like keeping citizens safe and informed, delivering supplies to health workers and organizations, and mitigating the spread of the virus.

That's why we created a new COVID-19 Funding Toolkit to help you navigate all the latest funding packages; streamline application, reporting and performance; all while ensuring you maintain compliance through an easy-to-use system. We recognize that in combatting the coronavirus, state and local governments are on the frontlines and time is of the essence. That's why we designed this funding toolkit for quick, easy setup. Existing eCivis™ Grants Network® users can simply log in to access our COVID-19 Funding Toolkit.


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At the same time, we want to facilitate the exchange of resources and information to help you make the most of grants available during this time. Through our new Resource Hub, you'll be able to access free:

  • Online trainings and webinars help you quickly put projects together and maximize revenue opportunities.
  • The latest articles discussing COVID-19 funding and best practices
  • A central community brimming with ideas, tips, and success stories.
Use this resource hub to get the latest in COVID-19 funding while minimizing risk and maximizing impact of those grant dollars.

We invite you to share thoughts, challenges, ideas, success stories, and how you are coping during this tumultuous time. Please reach out to our team for anything you may need.

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Your Roadmap to COVID-19 Funding

Leverage this guide as a strategic playbook with best practices you can implement right away to navigate the latest COVID-19 funding packages.

Specifically, you'll learn about five steps you can take to quickly put your grant dollars to use while delivering aid to the communities counting on you.



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