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Report: Your Guide to Indirect Costs


While indirect costs are normally not associated with managing grant funding, they can play a fundamental role to grants management and optimizing revenue opportunities in today's challenging economy.


Learn everything you need to know about indirect costs, cost allocation plans, and how you can maximize grant funding through them.


Guide: Top Trends in CARES Act Funding and Federal Grants Management

Thumb_Small (4)COVID-19 has accelerated the modernization of grants management. Read this guide to learn how four governments transformed their grants management through digital innovation and how they're ready to address the short-term ramifications of the pandemic and long-term recovery. 

Guide: Your Roadmap to COVID-19 Funding


The recent passage of the CARES Act allocates roughly $2 trillion to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus across the country. For state, local, and tribal governments, there's at least $150 billion in direct aid on the line. 


This guide serves as a strategic playbook with best practices you can take to ensure the latest COVID-19 funding is seamlessly implemented and that you're staying compliant throughout. 

Guide: Making the Most of Grants in State and Local Government

Grant funding is now one of the biggest sources of funding for citizen-focused missions.
The challenge, however, is that grants take a lot of work and resources in order to be leveraged to their full capacity. Learn how to make the most of grant funding in this guide through automation and the grant lifecycle. 

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