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Free Online Training: Competitive Government Grant Proposal Bids That Save Time and Money

Thursday, January 28th, 2021 | 2:00-3:00 PM ET | Earn 1 CPE credit

With no new state and local government funding in the latest COVID-19 relief package, and revenue shortfalls of over $400 billion over the next three years, it’s more important than ever to execute a strong government grant proposal. A competitive grant proposal means the difference between those who continue to experience revenue decline and those who will improve economic outlook in the long-term. However, with no single template to address the various (and complicated) types of funding opportunities, where do you start?

In this webinar from American City and County and eCivis, attendees will learn:

  • What are the most three important types of grants
  • Do’s and don’ts when it comes to preparing a proposal for government grants
  • 6 steps to assemble a competitive grant proposal

3 Ways to Maximize Your COVID-19 Funding Through Digital Transformation

As governments look to 2021, there is a need to ensure that every available source of funding is leveraged while guaranteeing business continuity in the age of COVID-19. Two essential processes that have been impacted are grants management and procurement, which are intertwined through the use of governments grant dollars to purchase essential resources. It is more important than ever to digitize these essential processes so governments can deliver critical services to their communities.

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How to Make Sure Governments Aren't Leaving Money on the Table

With a new fiscal year upon us and the ramifications of the pandemic not going away anytime soon, state, local, and tribal governments cannot afford to miss any funding opportunities available to them. However, even if you think you’ve made the most of your grant awards, you may still be leaving money on the table, especially when it comes to accounting for your indirect costs and getting reimbursed fully for everything you’ve spent.

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What Tribes Need to Know About Their CARES Act Funding

With nearly all Coronavirus Relief Funds distributed, many tribes may be left wondering where else they can go if they are in need of additional support. In this webinar, eCivis will cover the latest Uniform Grant Guidance Updates, best practices to manage and spend their COVID-19 relief funding, and tips on selecting the right tools to help. 

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How Tribes Can Make the Most of Available Grants

With nearly all Coronavirus Relief Funds distributed, many tribes may be left wondering where else they can go if they are in need of additional support. In this webinar, eCivis will cover the latest federal grant guidelines that tribes should be aware of as well as best practices to manage the influx of funding.

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What You Need to Know About the Uniform Grant Guidance Updates

The Office of Management and Budget just made a host of important updates to Uniform Grant Guidance (Title 2 CFR), which go into effect on November 12, 2020. Failure to comply with the latest requirements could mean audit findings and more headaches for governments who cannot afford additional delays during such a critical time. View this on-demand webinar to learn the latest updates to Uniform Grant Guidance, federal expectations and requirements going forward for the rest of the year, and best practices to make your grants more effective and maintain compliance.

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How to Write a Successful Government Grant Proposal

While there is an abundance of direct funding opportunities in the wake of COVID-19, how do you put together a strong application with more public-sector entities vying for competitive funding opportunities? View this on-demand training to learn how to structure an easy-to-read grant proposal, tips to strengthen your methodology, and best practices to make your grant proposals more competitive.

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Measuring Grant Performance and Accountability in the Era of COVID-19

With states expecting budget shortfalls of $650 billion over three years, grants have never been a more important source of funding. At the same time, governments must pay special attention to how they manage and track their grant funds. View this on-demand training to learn best practices and review important Uniform Guidance details to ensure grant governance processes and procedures are in place to ensure success in a post-pandemic era. 

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Navigating the Single Audit in the Era of COVID-19

Right now, governments have a lot on their plates, from determining reopening policies and potentially transitioning workforces from telework back to their offices, to ensuring communities are staying safe and healthy. That’s why, when it comes to grants and funding, many agencies and departments may not be thinking of their long-term post-pandemic measurement and performance. Ensuring your agency is prepared for the single audit is more important than ever, especially when the CARES Act, along with many other grants awarded during this time, emphasizes transparency, performance, and accountability. 

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How to Maximize Revenue Through Cost Allocation and Indirect Cost Planning

While cost allocation and indirect costs may seem like an ancillary matter in the scheme of grants and all the governments have to do, they can make all the difference in recovering funding and even finding new revenue opportunities. Watch our on-demand training to learn how preparing cost allocation plans in advance and using indirect cost rates can help you capture your true costs of services and better plan for and leverage  grant funding.

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Navigating Challenges and Opportunities in COVID-19 Grants Management

Over the past month, Congress approved unprecedented funding to support the nation’s medical and economic recovery from COVID-19. As agencies quickly shift to manage and distribute new levels of grant funding, how prepared are grant makers and recipients to manage the funds and track performance? In this joint webinar with Grant Thornton, listeners learn challenges for governments and best practices for successful grants management, performance, and reporting. 

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Where to Look for Funding That Can Help During Times of Crisis

Due to the impact of COVID-19, public-sector organizations are faced with the challenge of where to look for additional funding that may help their budgets. In this joint webinar, Charlie Francis, Senior Consultant at Questica, and Maria Howeth, Customer Success/Tribal Specialist at eCivis examined the biggest budgeting and grant management challenges governments are facing and the advantages of having automated budgeting solutions to help save on costs while maximizing funding opportunities.

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Navigating COVID-19 Grant Funding

With the latest COVID-19 funding packages, there is over $150 billion available to state and local governments. In these unprecedented times, it can be challenging to make sense of and understand how to implement that funding amidst all the uncertainty. View this on-demand recording to learn how leveraging eCivis can help you and your organization tackle grant funding during this time as well as creating project plans for COVID-19 and 5 steps to implement right away.

Arizona Implements First Statewide Grants Management System

Learn how the state of Arizona successfully used a cloud-based system to manage its 55+ state agencies and $14.5 billion in federal grants.

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Creating and Achieving Grant Goals That Everyone Understands

We’ve worked with our government stakeholders to bring you a new Goals and Metrics feature in our signature Grants Network system. No more stress about how to show leaders the ROI in your grant programs. View this product demo to learn how you can create and track goals that align with departmental needs and high-level organizational goals.


How to Take Your Grant Performance Reporting to the Next Level

It’s incredibly difficult to track and showcase grant performance. View this product demo to learn how we can help you enhance reporting and how you can quickly set up goals and establish metrics that are easier to track and that everyone can understand.


How Tribes Can Get COVID-19 Funding Faster

View this product demo to learn from our tribal specialists and grant experts on how you can quickly track down eligible tribal funding with just a few easy clicks.


Learn How to Process Your Performance Reporting

In this product demo, we’ll walk you through your Grants Network system to show you how you can significantly improve the way you process your performance reporting–ensuring accountability, transparency, and compliance. We answer questions you may have to help you troubleshoot, tackle any challenges you’re having, and elevate your reporting to the next level.


Learn How to Search and Apply for Grants - Find the Latest COVID-19 Opportunities

View this product demo to learn how you can maximize your Grants Network System and utilize our free COVID-19 Funding Toolkit. We’ll show you how to quickly search, tag, and apply for the grants that fit your exact needs and requirements–saving you significant time and hassle.


Finding the Right Grants to Help Fund Your Projects

Scouring grants.gov and reading over a single award can take at least 2 or more hours. View this product demo to learn how you can use your Grants Network System to quickly and efficiently find the right grant projects for your needs–in half the time.


How to Fast Track Your Award Process

View this product demo to learn how you can quickly award funding to your recipients directly through Grants Network’s new Direct to Award Feature. Skip the tedious intake process of solicitation, application, review, and then award. Instead, you can invite any potential recipients and directly award them funding.


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