Top Trends in CARES Act Funding and Federal Grants Management

COVID-19 has accelerated the modernization of grants management. As a result of the pandemic, grant managers and professionals have had to rethink the way they accomplish work by moving their teams and activities to virtual environments.   

In this guide, you'll learn how governments are successfully administering, tracking, and measuring their COVID-19 relief grants. By digitally transforming their grants management, they're ready to address the short-term ramifications of this pandemic as well as long-term recovery. And you will be too. 

Specifically, you'll learn about the following government grants success stories in the era of COVID-19:

  • Thumb_Large (1)The State of Arizona Expedites Disbursement of COVID-19 Dollars and Centralizes Grants Tracking
  • Los Angeles County Increases Funding Opportunities to Help Communities in Need
  • The City of Atlanta Streamlines Subrecipient Management
  • California Housing Department Achieves Improved Outcomes for COVID-19 Grants and Loans

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